An Invitation to Share

Reissuing this, as I am very sincere about the invitation to share your stories.

Past Christian

Yesterday’s post was about a friend’s story of leaving the church.  The conversation took place on Saturday, and has been pulling at my heart ever since. It is, in some ways, very close to my own–at least in the broad brush strokes.

As a result, I decided to invite people to share their own stories about leaving church–and, if applicable, returning after an absence.  This morning was spent creating a set of guidance notes and some reflection questions for anyone who would like to share their story in this space.

A sampling of what to expect:

Your privacy will be protected. Your name will not be used; your location not disclosed (contact details are for my use only).  For example, instead of saying that you are Joe McCreath who is 55 years old, lives in Des Moines, Iowa, and attended St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church for 25 years but left five years…

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