Sloppy Seconds Sunday: Feast of Thomas Becket

I’ve missed a few “Throwback Thursdays”, but I’m making up for it with my own designation of today as Sloppy Seconds Sunday.  It’s the feast of (St?) Thomas Becket, the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury.

A while back, I wrote a brief reflection concerning my ambivalence about Becket for the excellent Lay Anglicana blog.  I’m copying it here, by way of explaining why I’m not entirely comfortable with honoring Becket as a martyr.

Murder victim, certainly.  But without having been a murder victim, there was nothing special, and much that was questionable, about Thomas.

Correction:  I took the word of a more calendrically-savvy friend that today was Becket’s commemoration.  The correct date is 29 December, the day on which he was murdered.


4 thoughts on “Sloppy Seconds Sunday: Feast of Thomas Becket

  1. Wendy, that was fascinating reading. I wonder why you pick on Becket? Because it seems to me that if we apply those questions according to today’s standards to the entire population of the calendar of saints, few would remain worthy of being celebrated.

  2. “Pick on” is kind of slanted. I critique our unquestioning devotion to Becket, because too many people venerate him without examining what he was really promoting.

    I think we should be continually re-examining those people we commemorate, and ask if there is anything problematic in our admiration of them. Nobody is perfect, certainly, and imperfection is not necessary for admiration. But with some, we are a bit blind Becket is just, for me, the first among many who fit that description–and a blind devotion has allowed for a lot of misbehavior that might otherwise have been prevented.

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