Sloppy Seconds Sunday: Feast of Thomas Becket

Because tomorrow really *is* the commemoration of Thomas Becket.

Past Christian

I’ve missed a few “Throwback Thursdays”, but I’m making up for it with my own designation of today as Sloppy Seconds Sunday.  It’s the feast of (St?) Thomas Becket, the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury.

A while back, I wrote a brief reflection concerning my ambivalence about Becket for the excellent Lay Anglicana blog.  I’m copying it here, by way of explaining why I’m not entirely comfortable with honoring Becket as a martyr.

Murder victim, certainly.  But without having been a murder victim, there was nothing special, and much that was questionable, about Thomas.

Correction:  I took the word of a more calendrically-savvy friend that today was Becket’s commemoration.  The correct date is 29 December, the day on which he was murdered.

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