Unhelpful Literalism (More problematic Biblical imagery)

As it’s the season to do some thinking about Mary, Mother of Jesus, that doesn’t worship a theoretically unbroken hymen.

Past Christian

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been following a discussion in a LinkedIn group concerning the recent election of a new (Lutheran) Archbishop in Sweden. This is a historic moment in the Swedish church, as it is the first time a woman has been elevated to such a high post. The discussion included the above link, a tag line of “Thanks be to God!”, and nothing else. The originator of the discussion made no further comment. This is his standard operating procedure, and I have yet to figure out exactly why he starts a multitude of discussions in various groups and yet does not participate. (He also never starts a discussion with an original thought of his own, which I find highly annoying out of a fairly senior cleric, but that is another story for another time.)

In the two weeks that this discussion has been open, there have…

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