Throwback Thursday: Social Media Sunday

Last year, I wrote a bit on the silliness which is Social Media Sunday.  I got a lot of pushback, especially from people telling me they hadn’t posted anything I would consider “conventional” or run-of-the-mill.  Interesting.  Most of what I saw from all the posts in my Facebook feed was not original, ground-breaking, or particularly interesting.

I hate to break it to clergy:  Episcopalians having Eucharist on a Sunday is not in any way unconventional or out of the ordinary.  It’s endless variations on a theme.  It’s not going to be of interest to anyone who isn’t doing something very similar to what you’re doing.  The differences will be decor, floral arrangements, music, and  vestments.  Meaningless to those outside your tradition (or one very similar to it).

Please realize this.  And realize all the efforts of posting the same-old, same-old to social media is not exactly the herculean effort involved with, say, Holy Week.  You shouldn’t be that bloody exhausted by it.


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